Responder Basic Course / Resource

Responder Basic Course / Resource

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This theory course is now available for instant download. It consists of manual, presentations and workbook to complete. You will need to send back the multiple choice paper for your certificate to be issued.

Module 1: The Pre-Hospital Environment

A1.1 The role of responder

A1.2 Scene safety

A1.3 Minimising risk of infection

A1.4 Post-incident procedures


Module 2: Patient Assessment

A2.1 Communicating with patients

A2.2 Examination and assessment


Module 3: Respiration and Airway management

A3.1 Recognition of respiratory problems

A3.2 Common breathing difficulties

A3.3 Basic Airway management

Causes of a blocked airway

Opening and maintain a clear airway



Module 4 basic life support

A4.1 Perform basic life support

A4.2 Recovery position


Module 5: Defibrillation

A5.1 Automated External Defibrillation


Module 6: Circulation and Shock

A6.1 Recognition and Initial care of haemorrhage


Shock (including fainting)


Module 7: Medical related Emergencies

Recognition and initial care of:

A7.1 Heart attack /angina

A7.2 Diabetes

A7.4 Epilepsy

A7.5 unconscious patient

A7.6 Asthma / Anaphylaxis


Module 8: Trauma Related Emergencies

A8.1 Recognition and initial care of injuries to bones, joints, tendons and ligaments 

A8.2 Recognition and initial care of burns and scalds 

A8.3 Recognition and initial care of other trauma related injuries 

A8.4 Skeletal stabilisation 

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