Intermediate Responder First Aid

Intermediate Responder First Aid

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1 The Pre-Hospital Environment

A1.1 The role of Responders

A1.2 Scene Safety

A1.3 Minimising risk of Infection

A1.4 Post Incident Procedures

B1.1 Scene Management (safety & triage)

2 Patient Assessment

B2.1 Communicating with Patients

B2.2 Primary survey and assessment

B2.3 Safe moving and handling

3 Respiratory and Airway Management

A3.1 Recognition or respiratory problems

A3.2 Common breathing difficulties

A3.3 basic airway management (causes of blocked airway, opening + maintaining the airway, chocking)


B3.1 Use of suction

B3.2 Removal of crash helmets #

B3.3 Use of Oro-pharyngeal airways

B3.4 Oxygen supplementation

B3.5 Ventilation support

B3.6 Bag/valve/mask#

4 Basic Life Support

A4.1 Perform basic life support

A4.2 Recovery position

B4.1 perform child & infant basic life support #

5 Defibrillation

A5.1 Automated external defibrillation

B5.1 + 2  Normal / abnormal heart rhythms

6 Circulation and Shock

A6.1 Recognition and initial care of haemorrhage (bleeding, shock, fainting)

7 Medical Related Emergencies

A7.1 Heart attack / angina

A7.2 Diabetes

A7.3 Stroke

A7.4 Epilepsy

A7.5 Unconscious patient

A7.6 Asthma / anaphylaxis

B7.7 Assisting the Paramedic

8 Trauma Related Emergencies

A8.1 Recognition and initial care of injuries to bones, joints, tendons & ligaments #

A8.2 recognition and initial care of burns & scalds #

A8.3 Recognition and initial care of other trauma related injuries #

A8.4 Skeletal stabilisation #

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