Level 3 Responder First Aid

Level 3 Responder First Aid

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Module  The Pre-Hospital Environment

Introduction to the body:

·         Respiratory

·         Cardiac

·         Nervous

·         Digestive

Module  Patient Assessment

Patient Assessment

·         Take a blood pressure measurement

·         Pulse Oximetry

·         Take a temperature

·         Take a blood glucose measurement

Patient positioning

cardiac monitoring

Module  Respiration and Airway Management

Removal of crash helmets


Use of laryngeal masks

Use of naso-phyngeal airways



Module  Medical related emergencies

Provide initial maternity care

Extremes of temperature


Trauma Related Emergencies

recognition and initial care of injuries to bones, joints, tendons and ligaments

Recognition and initial care of burns and scalds

Recognition and initial care of other trauma related injuries

Skeletal stabilisation

Infants & Young People

Initial management of the sick child

Recognition and response to suspected child abuse

Drug Therapy

Provide emergency drug therapy

·         Adrenaline (1:1,000 for anaphylaxis

·         Aspirin

·         Entonox

·         Glucagon / 40% dextrose gel

·         GTN

·         Salbutamol


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